DIY – Bumper Plate Storage under $20.00!!



Wood 2x4

3 ½ inch Wood Screws





Safety Googles


Sander (Optional)


Time: 30 Mins.


First, I’m not handy. Every time I try to do a DIY project it ends up costing me more money in the long run, because I had to hire someone to finish it. Couple of things I want to point out first. This could be quicker and easier if I had a table saw, I was using a circular saw and had to go back to correct some cuts that were a tad to long. If you have a table/miter saw this would much easier.


End results: May not be the sexist thing made, but like a trusty piece of equipment its gets the job done!


Mock Assembly: We did a quick assembly here to measure out the width and depth. The plates measured a tad over 14 inches, and we went with 15 inch depth. With the depth a little deeper it makes getting the plates in and out quick and easy.  Once we had the depth we cut all the wood that would be used as a divider to 15 inches. I also decided to not cut the box down and kept it at 24 inches, mainly because I hate cutting wood, and thought I could use the extra space for fractional plates, clips, etc.


Step 1: Cut all wood to size that you would need. We purchased some pre-cut 2x4x2 at home depot for .79 cents each and we had screws lying around for the project.


Step 2: Form the box frame, when assembling in the frame, make sure your screw in from the, this will help keep the frame from pulling apart from the pressure of the plates. This was an oversight and wish I did it, for now I’m adding some “Brackets” for extra strength,


Step 3: Add first plates to see how much space you will need. We add an extra .5 inch to give it a little play. If it’s to tight the plates will be hard to get in and out.


Step 4: Screw in the divider with 2 screws on each side.


Step 5: Repeat till all dividers are in


Step 6: Sand down rough edges (optional We did this to limit in splinters.