Fringe Sport - Garage Series Squat Rack

We have been using the Garage Series squat cage for about two weeks, and for the price point of $399 we are madly in love with it! Keep in mind this a budget rack that doesn’t have the bell and whistle of some racks out there, but it’s also half the cost those racks as well. It serves its purpose on what we use it for, and it serves it exceeding all expectations.


Overall Rating:


 Fringe Sport Garage Series Squat Rack

Assembly: Solo assembled in 45 minutes, keep in mind if you have the correct tools and correct size socket wrenches it shouldn’t take more than an hour assemble. 

Ease of Assembly: Super Easy, recommend two people but easily to assemble with one person. 

Welds: Smooth strong welds, what you expect from Fringe, no jagged or rough welds. 

Finish: The black paint did start to chip in certain locations, and we do expect some battle scars after usage. 

Things we Like: 

  • The fat and skinny bar for pull ups are really nice feature, and will test your grip strength on the fat bar 
  • 1 inch safety bar spacing, lots of budget rack give you 3 inch, to be able to “micro adjust” the safeties comes in handy during bulk or cut phases, to give you great ROM without sacrificing safety 
  • Rear weight horn, since the rack isn’t bolted to the ground adding a few plates to keep it from tipping when doing OHP on the outside of the rack, is a huge plus. 
  • UHMW Lined J-Cups again, is not something you come across on budget racks. 
  • Lighting Fast and free shipping!!!! 
  • Customer service is top notch
  • Packaging was very organized, bolts where individual bagged to make finding them easy for each step. 


Things we don’t like: 

  • We do miss some of the bell and whistles of higher end racks, such as band pegs, side plate storage, etc. 
  • Could be taller to make pull ups easier for those over 6 feet 
  • Limited options for the rack, you might have to buy from a competitor, because fringe doesn’t have any 2x2 accessories for the rack you will be looking for 3rd party options. For example since we like to OHP outside the cage to safety do this you need some spotter arms. Fringe doesn’t sell 2x2’s so we have on hand ones from titan. They do the trick but would be nice if it was offered. 
  • I debated including this, since it wasn’t a major issue but we are all about transparency. During delivery one of the safety arms “hooks” was bent enough to not allow it to grab the bar to keep it from sliding out. We reached out to Fringe’s customer service and Matthew offered us several solutions. Again, Fringe has top notch level customer service and the issue was resolved. We were able to bend it back into place, and we believe the integrity of the rack is 100% safe.


For the price and quality of this product you can’t beat it. I would recommend this rack to those that are starting their home gym’s and are on a tight budget. We are going to be enjoying this rack for some time, and proudly display in one of our garages! 

If you are looking for a rack that has some of the extra features like band pegs look into their Deluxe power cage


 ^ Packaging was organized and easy to assemble 

^ Bolts and nuts where all packaged according the their step, make it quick to find correct bolts for each step


^ Bent safety arm hook preventing it to "latch" to rack, took 5 seconds to bend back, and no issues with safety of the rack.

^ Very pleased with the appearance of the rack.