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Titan Farmers Handles

Titan Farmer Handles 

We had the chance to train with some Titan Farmer Handles, here is the quick review of it. Also, as always we do not get paid for reviews.

Assembly: None Needed sold in pairs. 

Ease of Assembly: N/A 

Welds: Welds are not smooth, and close to where the handles are is very sharp to which we needed to file down, it would of ripped any calluses on our hands. 

Finish: Powered Coated, however after a few a month’s rust started to appear.

Price: $78.00 (on sale now)

Things we like:

  • Cheap, I mean compare to some of the other handles out there, these are great for the starter homegym
  • Holds plenty of weight, we haven’t loaded more than 275lbs on each handle, and it handled the weight the just fine.
  • Quick ship 

Thing we don’t like:

  • Welds are not smooth at all, some areas hand to be sanded down to make them safe
  • One handle is welded a little off centered.
  • 5lbs weight difference in the two.
  • Handle grip is very slippery. Even using the hook grip the powder coat finished made it hard to hold on for long carries. 


While titan does produce some solid gear to start your home gym with, quality is always a hit or miss. Unfortunately, the quality for the farmers handles was subpar. These hung around for a few months before we upgraded to another brand. If you are just starting your homegym, and your budget is low these might be a good fit to get you by. 

From their site:

With these Farmers Walk Handles by Titan, you can attain an advanced free weight workout with minimal equipment clutter. 


- Sold in pairs, so you'll be able to get started immediately.

- Farmer's Walk Handles work your grip strength, upper back, and endurance.

- Loadable with bumper or steel Olympic plates.

- 12" of loadable sleeve space on each side.

- Smooth handles 


- Weight: 20 lb each

- Overall length: 60"

- Loadable sleeve length: 12"

- Sleeve Diameter: 1.955"

- Handle length: 5.5"

- Handle diameter: 1.25"

- Finish: Black Power Coating

- Weight Capacity: 500 lbs per handle