Home Gym Spotlight April 2019

Announcing our April winner for home gym spotlight is Shan from Chapel Hill! One thing we can agree with Shan on, is nothing feels as awesome as loading a barbell with heavy weights and going for a deep back squat! Congrats to Shan! 

Want to be feature in the home gym spotlight? send us an email to info@appletoncoffee.com 

  • What is your name? Shan
  • Location: Chapel Hill, NC
  • How old are you? 43
  • Tell us a little about yourself: I'm currently a stay at home dad and homeschool my two boys. We spend a lot of time hiking, mountain biking, and exploring outdoors.
  • What is your favorite exercise, lift, WOD? I really like squatting, I always have. There is something about the way it feels to have a lot of weight on your back.
  • How would you describe your fitness/strength level, currently?  I'm 168lbs and my best lifts are 265 Bench 455 Squat 505 Deadlift. For the last few years, I have really focused on trying to improve my numbers. I started with SS/SL and moved to a 4 day Texas Method split, over the past few years I have tried just about every program out there. Currently, I'm trying to incorporate more hypertrophy work in because I feel like I need to grow a little to increase my lifts.
  • What are your fitness/strength goals? My lifelong goal is to get my bench over 300, squat over 500 and deadlift 600. Another goal is to do a powerlifting meet. I have never felt the need to compete or a need to prove anything, but now that I am a lot stronger, I feel like it might be fun, and I could also cross it off the bucket list.
  • Describe your garage gym? My garage is a larger two car garage and my gym takes up about half of it. I have a Rogue RML390C which is where the magic happens. About 1000lbs in plates, a few Rogue Bars the Ohio Power Bar being the most used, and an Echo bike that I use just to torture myself.
  • Why did you build a garage gym? I have always wanted to be able to train at home. My family recently relocated from Philadelphia, PA, to Chapel Hill, NC and in the move, I lost my local gym and all my lifting buddies. To make the move easier for me, my wife surprised me for my birthday with essentially my dream gym.
  • What is your favorite piece of equipment in your garage? I would have to say it's my rack. It's a lot nicer than I thought it would be and I really feel safe lifting alone. 
  • What piece of equipment was a waste? I have a pair of 35lb and 15lb rogue bumpers that I never use.  I only ever use the 10's 25's, and 45's. 
  • What is the next piece of equipment you are going to get? The next piece I get is going to be a safety squat bar. I would also like to get some kind of pulley system to do some accessories.
  • How did you build your garage gym? Years and years of being a good husband!
  • Do you have any tips for anyone else looking to build a garage gym?  When you have your own gym you end up lifting alone most of the time.   I think the most important thing is to be safe. Get good equipment that you can trust and spend a little extra on good j-cups, safety pins/straps or spotter arms. Also, don't underestimate the power of fractional change plates