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Iced Coffee

When it’s 90 degrees outside and yet you want that cup of coffee, then Iced Coffee is what you need in your life. The quickest way to make is pouring a fresh made cup of hot coffee into a glass full of ice. However, today I’m going to show a recipe that will make one the most satisfying cups of coffee you will ever had. First, lets get down to what you need

What you need: 

32.5g of Coarsely ground Coffee

200g  Filtered Ice

300g near boiled water (or 45 seconds - one minute off boil)

Kitchen scale

Pour over Device (Hario v60, Kalita, Chemex, etc)

Pouring server (to brew over the ice)

Gooseneck Kettle

Filtered water


Tip: Always make sure to tare the scale after each step, Except of the “bloom” stage.


Step 1:

Measure out 32.5g of your favorite Coffee:


Step 2:

Grind Coffee to Coarse Grind


Step 3:

Heat up your water, we prefer going for about 197f 

Step 4.

While coffee is heating up Measure out 200g of Ice


Step 5:

Prepare your pour over device


Step 6:

Add Coarse ground Coffee


Step 7:

Add about 70g (do not reset the scale) of the hot water and let it “bloom” for 45 seconds,  when pouring the water try to pour in a circle motion starting from the center and working your way out in a spiral motion, try not to hit the walls.


Step 8:

After the bloom continue to slowly pour the remaining water in the same spiral method until the scale reads 300g. I normally do a gentle spin after the water is poured to knock any coffee on the side walls. your total contact brew time should be around 3 minutes, if its to fast your coffee was grounded to coarsely, if its take much longer (4+min) then your coffee is ground to fine



Step 9: 

Pour Coffee into a glass with ice and enjoyed!!