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Q&A - Appleton Coffee Company

Why the Barbells in your Logo?

Our two passions are coffee, and having a healthy/active lifestyle. We wanted to combine our two passions, and be able to provide a great tasting coffee at an affordable price.

Why Do You have a “High Caffeine Blend”

It’s for those who don’t want to supplement their workouts with an OTC product, and choose to get their caffeine the natural way. 

Is there anything added to make it higher in Caffeine?

Of Course not!! This was achieved by combining different types of coffee beans that naturally have higher caffeine. It has roughly 1.5X more caffeine than an average cup without sacrificing quality or taste.

Do you add any flavoring to your coffee?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is no. Our coffee is 100% natural and nothing is added to it. When we mention flavor notes, those are the different notes a discerning palate can pick up, and with some practice you can smell and taste the brownie in our Houdini's Illusion. The best way to describe specialty coffee is, it's like a fine wine it's not for everyone, but once you try it you will get hooked!


We recently started offering flavor coffee, Pumpkin Spice and Hazelnut Cinnamon! 

Should I get whole bean or ground?

Really depends on you. If you have a grinder at home, we would recommend whole bean. For those who drink it at the office you can select the type of grind you prefer.

Whole Bean will last and stay fresher longer.

How do I brew this stuff?

Use your favorite coffee brewing method, please check out our how to guides with Videos from the Brew Master James Hoffman, our favorite method, is the Hario v60. Once you get the technique down, you will have some of the best coffee every morning.

What is the ideal water to coffee ratio?

We are fan of the 15:1 ratio (15 grams of water to 1 gram of coffee) using a Hario v60. While some prefer 16:1 or 14:1, it really will depends on your preferred flavor profile. If you are new to pour over, French press, Aero Press, I would recommend watching some James Hoffman how to guides!

have a question? email us at info@appletoncoffee.com !