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Cascara - Coffee Tea

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Cascara is a coffee cherry tea, made from the dried berries of the coffee plant, that is filled with natural sugars, vitamins, oils, and antioxidants that come from the skin and pulp of the cherry.

Hot Brew: Heat water to a temperature of 200ºF. Use 19g (1 pouch) of tea to 317g (10oz.) of water. Place tea in heated water and let stand for 6 minutes. Strain and enjoy. Cold Brew:

Use 36g (6 heaping tablespoons) of tea to 300g (10oz.) of cold water. Place tea in water and let stand in the fridge for 24 hours. Strain and enjoy.

Region: Las Cruzes, Santa Ana Varietal: Various

Farm: Finca Colomba Farmer: José Adolfo McEntee Process:

Natural Altitude: 1500 M

Certification: Direct Trade

Cupping: Sweet, Red Apple Cider, Sparkling White Wine, peach