Ethiopian Natural - K-CUP
Ethiopian Natural - K-CUP
Ethiopian Natural - K-CUP

Ethiopian Natural - K-CUP

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This coffee is name after The man, the myth, the legend. Though he was not born in Appleton, WI Houdini often said Appleton was his home 

Houdini’s Illusion is a medium light roast from Ethiopia, which will be sure to turn any day into a magical experience.

Once hot water hits the ground coffee you will be met with an intense berry note, that transition to a brownie/chocolatey profile

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Process: Natural

Notes: Brownie, Dried Cherry, Cranberry



Whole Bean: For those that have a coffee grinder at their home

Drip: For automatic drippers such as a Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, etc.

Coarse: Best for French press, Cold/Ice Brew coffee.

Espresso: For espresso machines. 

Why no Keurig? Simple Cost. K-cups are very expensive to manufacture, and if you have a refillable cup, you can use either the drip or coarse grind for it.

Nothing is added to our coffee. No artificial flavors, preservatives, or extra caffeine.. Just 100% coffee beans


Our Coffee is roasted to order! orders received by 5:00pm pst Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday will be roasted and shipped the next day. Occasionally volume is such that orders will go out the following morning and of course Holidays also impact shipping days.